19 Dec 2:01 AM

General Chatter

Hi there, I've got a long town-house back garden (~around 50 metres) but only around 8-9 metres in width. On one side of the garden, I have got around 22 fence panels which I don't like the appearance of (makes it too clinical!). The area where the panels are is laid to lawn, so I would appreciate any suggestions on what I could be growing along the fence to make more pleasant to look at. The fence is across the West/East, and facing south so the area under the fence on my side of the garden is shade most of the time. No ivy/crawlers please, other than that, I'm up to any suggestions that can be accommodated within less than a 1 metre footprint. Thanks in advance!


21 Dec 2:20 AM

I suggest to appeal to this company here in Auckland, . They helped me with installation of fence around my house and there is a wide range of fence systems and gates. Hope you'll find something interesting for you.


26 Jan 7:46 PM

I hired local specialists here in Auckland that helped me to finish all work in a few days.