14 Nov 11:52 PM

Feedback / Suggestions

Hi Guys!!

Ok, so i've tried saving for travelling but can't do it (i get paid plenty of money but just dont have the will power to not touch the money i have sat in a saving account! - not good i know)

I already cancelled a RTW i had booked for Nov 08 (because i wasn't gonna be able to save up enough to go) but now the plan is:

Get a £4K loan and leave enough money to cover my repayments for 6-9 months
Book my ticket (i already have about £1200 just sat in my savings account)
keep trying to save untill November
GO as originally planned.

Now is this a really really bad decision??


21 Nov 1:31 AM

I think that you should go for it. You can take an online loan on . Low interest rates and good customer support. I took loan for 6 months there for my wedding and got money on the same day