18 Nov 7:32 PM

Feedback / Suggestions


I have note that when you have complete survey points not credited instantly. Even member account does not shown how many survey completed by member. So you have to show record of member that how many survey a member have been completed and out of which point has been already rewarded or pending. As there is too much gap between survey completion and points credited to account. So member may be forget how many survey he complete and for which he got points or not.



23 Nov 6:10 AM

I agreee with Hawants sentiments.. survey points seem to take ages to be credited so you're not sure if you've received the entitled points. There needs to be a record of completed and pending points that the member can see. Otherwise it does get discouraging and one wonders if its worth the effort at all!


26 Nov 12:16 PM


There has been an issue this month, points will be synced with the Survey Panels at the beginning of next month. Sorry for any inconvenience.