Win Beauty from the inside out, by Dr Libby or The Daily Male: A kiwi bloke?s book of days, by Rosemary Hepozden NZ Book Lovers

To celebrate the launch of NZ Booklovers, we are giving away your choice of one of the below books:
Beauty from the inside out, by Dr LibbyThrough Beauty From The Inside Out, Dr Libby expertly explains your outer world, the food you choose, the nutrients you ingest, hydration, posture, movement and what your body needs to create lovely nails, lustrous hair, sparkling eyes, and clear, luminous skin. Be guided to deal with very specific bumps in the road, such as dark circles under the eyes, eczema, pimples, and hair that is falling out, just to name a few. Just as importantly, Dr Libby explains your inner world, sex hormones, stress hormones, detox, digestion, elimination pathways, thyroid and pituitary functions. Both worlds relate to your sparkle and by taking a heart-opening look at your emotional landscape, many find that that is where the real elixir is.
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