Win a Year's Supply of Nescafe Cafe Menu Kidspot NZ

NESCAF? Caf? Menu® celebrates all that Kiwi women do, and provides the perfect relax and recharge for the modern '5-9' woman.
It's important that you take time out of your day to have a moment to yourself. So whether you've got friends round for a catch-up, or you're taking five minutes while the kids are entertained; make the most of it with NESCAF? Caf? Menu® - caf?-style coffees made from premium quality coffee beans and topped with deliciously creamy froth.
With a range of 16 different varieties including Cappuccino, Flat White, Dark Choc Mocha and Vanilla Latt?, you can have the caf? experience without the price-tag, anywhere and anytime.
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