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Leigh Elder is not your typical healthy eating advocate. The Tauranga man doesn’t have a background in medicine or nutrition and has no idea what it’s like to struggle with excess kilos himself. He never set out to help people lose weight and improve their health – he fell into it by accident.
Now, when he should be enjoying a well-earned retirement, he spends nearly every waking moment trying to help people reach and maintain a healthy weight and along the way get rid of the illnesses that can come with being overweight or obese. “This has pretty much taken over my life but I can’t sit back and do nothing about it, not when I know it can make so much difference to people’s lives,” he says.
By “this” Leigh (70) means Eat For Keeps, the healthy eating programme he devised 12 years ago. The programme has helped Kiwis all over the country shed weight and keep it off yet it came about as an aside to Leigh’s work as a life and business coach.
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