Win a Tui Vege Growing Pack Tui Garden

Win a Tui vege pack to help you grow a bumper crop of delicious veges for this coming winter!
Whether your vege patch is bursting with salad greens, or carrots and leeks for hearty winter soups, nothing beats the satisfaction of ‘growing your own’.
Tui Organic Compost adds nutrient-rich organic matter to replenish your soil with nutrients used during the growing season. Tui Vegetable Mix is a natural-based planting mix containing the right blend of nutrients to provide your veges with the best possible start and sustained growth. Rich in dolomite, blood and bone and sheep manure dust, Tui Vegetable Food encourages healthy vegetable growth. Eliminate common pests with Tui Quash and Tui Insect Control for Fruit & Veges.
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