Win a Riiai YK752 4K Game Capture Card


Riiai YK752 4K Game Capture Card

*Low Latency, Watching the video while recording;
*Support 4K 30fps input,capture resolution up to 1080p 60fps;
*USB 3.0 FHD video capture box, no need to install a driver, very convenient;
*Record streaming video from UVC video device.Short video capture, conveniently share in social media;
*Support 3rd party: OBS (Windows, Mac),XSplit (Windows),Wirecast (Windows, Mac) Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (Windows),DirectShow (Windows) DirectSound (Windows),QuickTime Player (Mac),VLC (Mac),Safari (Mac) Firefox (Mac),Chrome (Mac),Skype (Mac)

Ended May 01 2018

Added 7 months ago