Win a Riiai YK752 4K Game Capture Card


Riiai YK752 4K Game Capture Card

*Low Latency, Watching the video while recording;
*Support 4K 30fps input,capture resolution up to 1080p 60fps;
*USB 3.0 FHD video capture box, no need to install a driver, very convenient;
*Record streaming video from UVC video device.Short video capture, conveniently share in social media;
*Support 3rd party: OBS (Windows, Mac),XSplit (Windows),Wirecast (Windows, Mac) Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (Windows),DirectShow (Windows) DirectSound (Windows),QuickTime Player (Mac),VLC (Mac),Safari (Mac) Firefox (Mac),Chrome (Mac),Skype (Mac)

Ended May 01 2018

Added 11 months ago