Win a Pana Chocolate The Wellness Plate

A little while ago I did a post on the benefits of raw cacao, and i'm very happy to say the amazing guys at Pana Chocolate have donated an amazing Valentines day gift box full of Pana Chocolate for me to give away!
Pana Chocolates motto is "love your insides. Love the earth" which I think is just so gorgeous, and it really resonates with my own values. The team is a group of health conscious individuals, who had a vision of an organic, raw and great tasting chocolate, which I think they have totally nailed! The Pana Chocolate range are lovingly prepared, and have a rich delicious texture that is also healthy. What I love about them, is they make chocolate that caters to so many different dietary requirements, so everyone can enjoy it!
The Pana Chocolate range is handmade in Aus, and they use all natural ingredients, no preservatives and low GI natural sweetener. Pana Chocolate also made sure that their chocolate was low GI, vegan, gluten free, and contains no dairy or soy. They are certified organic, as well as being a member of the vegan society.
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