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Naturals Sweet Secret is Out
Kiwis are no strangers to sweet things and the demand for low-calorie, natural sugar-alternatives has never been greater. Now with Natural by Equal, New Zealand's newest 100% natural sweetnew brank, you can have your cake and eat itwithout the calories! Made from extracts of the Stevia plant and other natural fruit sugars, Naturals is the chic new look for Equal Stevia- New Zealand's favourite range of 100% natural sweetners. Equal lovers needn't worry though because Naturals is still the same great tasting product with 97% less calories than sugar. With the launch of Naturals also comes an exciting new addition to the Eqaul range: Naturals Crunch. Crunch is New Zealand's first crystallised sweetner, combining the distinctive texture of sugar with a resistance to high temperatures which makes it a great substitute for sugar in baking and cooking. And you only need to use half as much sweetner as sugar to get the same great taste. Now available in supermarkets national wide as well as select independent retails, Naturals by Equal comes in four formats; a box containing 40 single serve sticks (RRP $6.99), spoon granule jar 40g (RRP $6.99), crunch granule pack 250g (RRP $9.99) and a convenient dispenser of 200 tablets (RRP $11.00). One single serve stick or one tablet is equivalent in sweetness to one level teaspoon of sugar, making it easy for users to meet their taste preference. With the all new Crunch crystallised sweetnew, you only need to use half the amount of sugar for the same amount of sweetness.
Readers can head to for great recipe ideas and information on how to incorporate Naturals' lowcalorie alternatives into their everyday diet.
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