Win a Holman retractable hose reel Choice TV

 Sick of trying to wind your garden hose around a gnarly pole or just can't be bothered so you leave it in a messy heap on the ground. Here's the solution - A Holman retractable hose reel and we've got 2 to give away.
The stand out feature of the Holman retractable hose reel is the ability to change the garden hose. (20M & 30M models only). The reel has a unique lid which allows you to look inside the reel & inspect the hose. The internal end of the hose is equipped with a quick release 12mm snap on connector which allows a new hose to be quickly connected.
Each of the three sizes come with 12mm garden hose and fittings. The retractable hose reel easily mounts to a wall or fence using the heavy duty bracket. (An ideal height to mount the reel, is to have about 150mm between the bottom of the reel & the ground). The safe retraction mechanism makes it simple to pull out & use, before the auto rewind stores the hose away. Ideal for all size homes!
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