Win a GO Healthy twin pack Cleo

To put the ZZZZZZZ’s back into your nights, GO Healthy introduces GO Magnesium Sleep; an easy to take 2-a-day supplement containing a potent combination of two forms of Magnesium, 5-HTP, Zizyphus (a Chinese herb), Passionflower and Tart Cherry to support a complete, deep and restful sleep.
Chillier mornings, dark evenings and shorter days can lead some people to feel down and unhappy. To help combat this, GO Healthy NZ introduces GO Healthy Mood Support; an easy to take 1-a-day supplement which supports a positive outlook and a relaxed state of mind, without the drowsiness. GO Healthy Mood Support helps to chill out over-stimulation caused by caffeine and stress, while also supporting mental clarity and focus !
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