Win a copy of A Good Baking Day by Rural Women The Rural

Over 500 delicious, never-fail recipes for cakes, muffins, slices, biscuits, loaves, scones, breads, desserts and more from the collections of women who are experts at good baking days.
Who better to share their treasured baking recipes with you than the New Zealand women who bake successfully on a regular basis, often using recipes handed down from mother to daughter, friend to friend. In this marvellous compendium of over 500 recipes, it's guaranteed you'll find something to get you cracking eggs, creaming butter and sugar and filling the tins — to the delight of family, friends and colleagues.
Ranging from easy to elaborate, and from recipes for big cakes for large crowds to gluten-free baking, there's something here for everyone who likes to bake.

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