Mr Morgan?s Last Love SunLive

 Mr Morgan’s Last Love No Comps
(M) Offensive language - 1hr 51min - Drama - UK
A feel-good adaptation of French novel ‘La Douceur Assassine’ that tells the story of an unlikely friendship between an American widower living in Paris (Michael Caine), and a young French dance instructor (Cl?mence Po?sy, In Bruges). When Princeton philosophy professor Matthew Morgan’s wife passes away, he retires to Paris and contemplates suicide. He meets the disarming Pauline on a bus, whose sunny disposition slowly transforms his curmudgeonly outlook on life. After he is hospitalised, Matthew must reconnect with his own estranged son and daughter, played by Justin Kirk (Weeds), and Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), and put the demons of his past to rest.
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