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Has anyone else had problems getting on the site or with the Guessing Game? My last weeks guesses haven't shown up..can anyone tell me what number week approx the guessing game is up to please? ..(mine says 252) Thanks in advance :)

15 Oct 3:16 PM

we are up to #254 but the results of#253 are not showing along with our guesses. don't know who won for last week .
My daughter was sure some numbers were missing from her guesses lately.
The site has been unreachable at times. The number competition might be coming to an end for NZ ...

16 Oct 5:50 AM

The prize has changed and I think I had guesses missing too. I hope it doesn't end

16 Oct 11:41 AM

showing today games
254    145, 954, 363, 444, 848, 554, 222    321    jo l (jojo323)
Guessed 319
253    452, 514, 672, 194, 785, 333, 747, 858    891    Rob D (azpen)
Guessed 889

22 Oct 2:14 PM

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated..And yes the prize has changed as I was lucky enough to win 5000 compbux :)
(5200 compbux = $50) Hopefully more surveys will be sent as I haven't had a survey invite for years lol

22 Oct 6:18 PM

@jojo323 congrats.. yes I get less surveys these days and often get screened out. So it takes a long time to get enough points to redeem.
Good luck withe earnign points to get to 5200.. would be nice if that was the prize.. just short is frustrating! But you could always go for the $30 ... better than nothing aye.

23 Oct 1:16 PM

@Humich it's not a bad decision

15 Nov 12:00 AM