21 Apr 12:33 AM

General Chatter

What was the most happy moment in your life?


21 Apr 12:56 AM

It was my wedding. I know that for most people it's a stress but I had a good wedding planner. She chose the perfect venue at Alexandra park, you can watch it here . The territory is very spacious so it's good for any kind of wedding. Anyway, she did a great job and everything went witout a hitch.


21 Apr 1:01 AM

every moment of my life is happy becz i leave the life in
present but happiest moment when achive in life some new.


06 Jun 2:05 PM

When I won Pepsi Promo trip to New York for 7 nights all expenses paid to watch Beyoncé and also meet her and band, also went to her Jungle Studio for demos, too much to mention!!!


30 Jun 9:21 AM

Wow Trevsta ..what an amazing prize to win...wish I could've fit in your suitcase lol :)


01 Aug 10:31 PM

@jojo323 I definately could have fitted you in lol, happy comping mate :)