Clairol Professional Sun Spark Giveaway Mix it Up

Does-Yours-Hair-Need-Sunscreen-1Mix It Up has three packs of the following to give away.  Each pack is worth $33.80. Clairol Professional Sun Spark Shampoo RRP $16.90. In a similar way to bleach, the sun and the UV rays cause damage to hair making the cuticle brittle, porous and more difficult to comb. New salon exclusive, Clairol Professional Sun Spark Shampoo is specially designed to protect hair from damaging UV rays, using a unique combination of radialux micro-Ions and mandarin extract. It gently cleanses and cares for sun damaged hair to leave it looking soft and shiny, no matter what the weather.
Clairol Professional Sun Spark Conditioning Lotion RRP $16.90. With a quick spritz of the new Clairol Professional Sun Spark Conditioning Lotion, you can instantly targets and deeply moisturizes any sun damaged or porous hair, to protect it from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Use before during and after sunbathing leaving for softer, shinier hair.

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